Benji and the Selfie

“Hey Benji, I’d like to practice taking a selfie. Can you help me out?”

“Sure Sue, what’s a selfie?”

“It’s when you use your phone to take a picture of yourself. It seems like everyone’s doing it and they look so good in the picture. My selfies look terrible.”

“Be happy to help,” he replied. “What can I do?”

“Well, you’re so photogenic, I thought it would be nice to have you in the picture. The idea is to look as natural as possible.”

“Sure,’ he said,’ how’s this?”

“Wow Benji, it’s perfect of you! But I don’t look natural at all, so I’ll just crop me out of this one. Could we try again?”

“Sure Sue. Sometimes a different angle helps to show off your best side. Here’s mine.”

“No kidding, Benji! That’s a great shot of you! But not so so good of me so I’ll just do a bit more cropping and get me out of there. You have time for one more?”

“Anything for you Sue. Let’s try the other side this time. It’s not my best, but maybe it’ll work for you.”

“You look good from any angle, Benji! I don’t know what my problem is. Maybe selfies aren’t my thing.”

“Aw come on, Sue, you’re too hard on yourself. What you need is confidence – we cats have confidence! You gotta look the camera in the eye! Like this!”

“Yes indeed, Benji! You do have confidence! But as for me, I think I need a lot more practice taking selfies. Thanks for the help anyway, but for now I’ll just take pictures of you. You’re still the photogenic one!”

~ Susanne and Benji

14 Comments on “Benji and the Selfie

  1. LOL😀Whenever I try to take selfies with Foster I always end up cropping myself out too! Or if I do leave myself in, very few people ever get to see it 😬Benji is photogenic as usual! 🐱👍

  2. I have never even attempted a selfie. It is odd enough to see a little picture of myself when I am using FaceTime!

    • I’ve tried a selfie a few times usually to get a picture with my husband when we’re traveling. They’re always terrible so it’s much easier to ask someone to take your picture. They always oblige! 🙂

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