In the Way Again

“Benji, did anyone ever tell you you’re in the way?”

DSC04171 (2)

“Only you Sue,” he said.

“Well it’s true Benji.  I’m trying to get some work done.  Do you need to be taking a bath right here, right now??”

DSC04172 (2)

“Of course I do Sue!  Where better?  I like to be where you are so it works out pretty well.  Plus your desk is dusty.  As soon as I jump up, I gotta clean up.”

“Well anyway Benji.  You’re in the way.  Can’t you find something else to do?”

“Sure Sue!”

DSC04177 (2)

“No, not that Benji!   Come back with my pencil!”

DSC04180 (2)

“Gee Sue, you’re so grouchy today.  I’ll just go back outside then if you don’t mind.”

“Yes, Benji, I think it’s for the best.  It’s a nice day out there, no reason for you to be inside. Finally I can get some work done!”

“My turn,” said the Tiger.

DSC04191 (2)

“Okay, I give up!”

~ from the desk of Susanne, Benji & Tiger


12 Comments on “In the Way Again

  1. True, they like to be around.
    And then I gave my pen to my cat to play with, and she chewed, then I took it out, and gave her an old toothbrush, he had fun.
    Thank you, she said! 🙂

      • Whenever I do some service or I have some tool in my hands my kitty comes up.
        “What do you do? I want to help.” she says.
        “It could hurt you!” I say.
        And I pull her away.

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