Football Magic

I suppose I should have been watching the game.  After all, that’s why we had ventured out on a cold and rainy afternoon.

We had bundled up in rain gear, and as we pulled out of the driveway I texted this to my step-daughter, just in case.  “Hi!  We’re coming to the game.  Do they ever cancel due to weather?” The reply, “Unfortunately not.  We will see you there.”  Haha.  This ain’t baseball!

As we drove the thirty minutes south to the school, the weather improved slightly and by the time we arrived it had stopped raining.   Still, everything was wet and the outdoor bleachers had no cover. We wiped down a spot on the top row and put down the blanket we had brought for cushion. We settled in for the duration, 4 quarters, 8 minutes each.

Our team scored first on the kickoff return.  Six points.  It was all they would score.

Okay so I’m not that much of a football fan.  And I began to notice the lovely fall colors and how the purple uniforms (our team) blended into the scene; and the red track circling the field made a nice accent.

Periodically the heavens opened and our big umbrella was our refuge. Exposed parts of the blanket became soggy. Then as the sun was setting, this rainbow appeared over the field.

When it engulfed the tree I couldn’t tell you what the score was or who had the ball.

Too bad I only had my phone with me.  This scene deserved a real camera.

By the second half the sun was down and I began to pay proper attention to the game, only to realize we were watching a rout. But the rainbow is what I will remember.

~ Susanne

11 Comments on “Football Magic

  1. Lol. I know very little about soccer (yawn), a little more about rugby (at least the players do things) and absolutely zero about what you guys call football. I also have no desire to learn. Autumn leaves and rainbows, on the other hand…
    So, yes. It looks like a consensus 🙂 Clearly, you didn’t advertise this blog under ‘sport’ 😉

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