The Turtles of Coulon

Of all the things to be enjoyed at Coulon Park….

the boats and planes

the docks and piers

the elusive mountain

I think the best may be the turtles.

~ Susanne

10 Comments on “The Turtles of Coulon

  1. A pond where we frequently fish before it becomes too hot has huge red-eared turtles scrambling up on the rocks. I’m a huge fan of turtles, and I’m glad to have them close to home!

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  2. When I was a child, I had a copy of Edward Eager’s ‘Magic by the Lake,’ which I read multiple times before eventually acquiring the other books in the series. Such books gave me my first insight into US language and culture, but, even so, it never occurred to me that having turtles in lakes could be a perfectly ordinary thing. To me, as a young child, the fact that there was a turtle at all was ‘magical’ – even before it could talk!
    Great to see them just being turtles!

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    • Wonderful story! Yes I love that the turtles live in Lake Wasington. They are often basking in the sun when we take a walk there. I’ve seen 5 at once on that log. thanks for your comment. ☺

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