Solar Eclipse – Will You Watch it?

Yes, I knew it was coming; they’ve been talking about it for months. That once in a lifetime event on Monday August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse coming to a neighborhood near you!  Once in a lifetime, counting from when the last total solar eclipse crossed the contiguous USA in 1918.  But those from the Northwest may recall the eclipse in 1979, something of a non-event in the Seattle area because of cloudy skies. Clear skies are in the forecast for Monday, so this will be something to see.  Or not, read on.

No, Seattle is not in the path of totality;  for that we’d have to travel to Oregon, along with the other billions so headed, resulting in unprecedented traffic, which for this area is saying a lot. Honestly, I’m not that desperate.

Still, according to those in the know, we will experience 93% totality here, that time when the moon will almost completely block out the sun, starting at 9:08 am and bringing darkness at 10:20 a.m.  Silly girl, don’t you want to see that??  Of course I do!  Oh why then did I wait so long to get those eclipse glasses?  The event of a lifetime overhead but I can’t look up!

There are still a few places this weekend where they will be handing out the coveted glasses until supplies run out. I will head to one of them and hope for the best.  We shall see (no pun intended.)  If I’m not one of the lucky ones, I guess I could build my own viewing device no matter how hokey it may appear; instructions abound on the internet. But is watching a shadow on a piece of cardboard really the same? I think not.

For a planner like me, I sure blew this one.  How about the rest of you?  Do you have plans to watch the solar eclipse?

~ Susanne

21 Comments on “Solar Eclipse – Will You Watch it?

  1. Not in my neck of the woods, unfortunately. I agree though, the reflection idea is just not the same.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I will be at home and think I will watch the eclipse on TV or social media? I don’t think it will be so much in Seattle although it might get a little bit dark, like a cloudy day. Although I am a Seattle native I was not here for the eclipse in 1979, I was busy getting married in another state of the USA…… I am expecting a new grandchild any minute now, it would be fun to have an eclipse baby!

    • If I don’t get the glasses I will at least go out to see whatever level of darkness occurs (without looking up.) Otherwise I will probably watch on social media too. ☺ And congratulations on your new grandbaby!

  3. We drove down to Goldendale for the 1979 one. I think it was kind of a non-event as seeing it with the box thing is just not the same. I don’t remember there being any glasses back then?

    • I think I was in Bellingham during that time and it was cloudy and uneventful. I don’t remember glasses either and certainly none of the hype we have today. Will you watch this one?

  4. Being in Florida, we don’t get full percent like you guys. We were thinking of going up-state to get a little more percentage, but every single hotel north of us is booked full on the 21st. 😦
    We don’t have the glasses either, and we plan to get some over the weekend (hopefully). The best part of this eclipse will be the sun will go away for three seconds and cool down everything. (Right now it’s probably 900,000,000,000,000,000,000 degrees outside right now. Okay, maybe not that much. Maybe 95 Degrees F. With the sun it feels like much more.)
    What I’m wondering is, will everyone’s’ pets freak out as the sun suddenly goes away? We’ll have to see…

    • Hi Grace! thanks for your comment. It will be interesting to see how dark it gets Monday. I also wonder how the kitties will do and the birds and other wildlife. I hope we both get the glasses! 😎

  5. I don’t know how much we will see here in Fresno, but I did hear on the radio that there was a scam where people were selling fake glasses that don’t really protect your eyes so make sure you get the real ones! (#RaisedBySwedes)

    • I also have heard about the fake glasses so will be careful about where I get them (If I do.) One of my local libraries has a session today about the eclipse and will have some glasses to give away. I plan to attend. If they are already out at least I will learn something. I also learned of another option at the Boeing Museum of Flight during the event on Monday which sounds exciting. 1000 pairs of glasses as well as live streaming and the presence of NASA scientists!

  6. I saw the 1999 eclipse in Somerset UK. No glasses, though they would have helped. Tried the camera thing because we wanted to show our girls (aged 8, 7 and 5). Sort of worked. Also had the odd ‘peek’ with the naked eye at maximum coverage because the sun was lightly veiled in cloud. It was 98% coverage where we were, with 100% further south in Cornwall. However, we got a better view than some folks who travelled miles to see it, because the sun was completely obscured by cloud where they were.
    To be honest, I found it all a bit underwhelming. I was expecting it to be darker than it was. However, the birds did go quiet. And there was this eerie kind of light that felt like neither cloud nor dusk. Just odd. And it’s that memory that sticks with me. So, yes, glad to have experienced it, but not quite what I expected.

    • Interesting. I may be underwhelmed too watching alone. My best bet would probably be to attend the viewing at Boeing’s Museum of Flight where they will have free glasses for viewing outside and live streaming of the event from the path of totality as well. It’s about 30 minutes from where I live. Not sure about facing the traffic and crowds. We’ll see. 😊 Thanks for your comment.

      • Yes, I can understand your dilemma. We chose somewhere where there would be some people, but not a huge crowd. As for the total eclipse, it was all over the TV for the rest of the day – and is still on YouTube! So you get to see what you missed, anyway.

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