The Work Continues

This morning I woke up to the usual noises of destruction (I mean construction) behind my house in what was once called the Tiffany Park Woods and went to take a look.

This is what I saw.

Which is all fine and good but I certainly hope the brakes are in good working order.

~ Susanne

6 Comments on “The Work Continues

  1. Sue, I am truly sorry. This is hideous. You are a strong woman if you’re not heartbroken.

    • Initially heartbroken but over that; now merely concerned and sometimes even intrigued by the process. And I do hope they know what they’re doing!

  2. I can only offer my sympathy. That is not a nice view to have behind your house. I can only hope it all looks nicer, when the project is finished.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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