It Happened at Seafair

As Seafair is in full swing in the Emerald City, I thought I would share again this story from the past, from a simpler time, when Seattle was a Boeing town and Seafair was the face of the summer.

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*This post is dedicated to my husband Bob *

It was a different time and a different town. There was a big airplane company but no technology.  The Smith Tower but no Space Needle. There were wrestling matches and roller derby and stock car racing.  But no major league sports.  It was the nineteen fifties in Seattle and the biggest show in town was Seafair.

Seafair started in 1950 and quickly became the premier Seattle event. There were neighborhood carnivals where you could ride upside down on the hammer and get dizzy on the scrambler. There were parades with drill teams and marching bands, where Seafair Pirates roamed and floats carried princesses who perfected the wave to the crowds lining the streets. Honorary parade marshalls included celebrities like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.  And there was always the high point when the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet arrived at Elliott Bay.

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4 Comments on “It Happened at Seafair

  1. I recall commenting on this last year. Good re-post, Susanne!
    Please give my regards to Bob too. He doesn’t often get a mention.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I saw a bunch of people discussing a big party in Seattle and assumed that Seafair was underway – a great post to remember this wacky celebration!

    • Thanks John. It still has a presence for sure, though maybe not as big as in the past. Still, I love hearing the Blue Angels overhead and knowing the races are underway on the Lake.

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