The Gone Tiffany Park Woods

I must say that was fast. Not only have the trees and shrubs come down in what was formerly known as the Tiffany Park Woods, but the area has been pulverized into submission (and yes, dirt) with not a single green thing left, except for the few promised patches. Surprising?  Yes.

I knew the trees would go but I guess I held some notion that shrubs and understory would remain.  I mean, why take it all? Wouldn’t new homeowners want that vegetation around their houses? (Obviously I know nothing about construction.)  Anyway, it’s all gone and the land is being leveled for the infrastructure and houses to come. On the bright side, I won’t need an alarm for awhile since the heavy equipment rolls in around 7 and the noise and vibration shake me out of bed.

I’m also happy to report that Benji and Tiger are coping surprisingly well with all the commotion. They still want out all hours of the day and seem content with the new confines of their territory. (No more sneaking into the woods for them.)

I’m sorry the woods are gone, but I’m thankful my backyard still has enough trees on both sides of the fence for shade and privacy. And more sunshine in some spots where the tree cover was heavier.

So it’s time to move on and say goodbye to the Tiffany Park Woods. Still, if I had it to do over again, I would fight a little harder, maybe hug a few trees, to try to get the woods preserved and added to the city’s park system; an urban park where woodpeckers and owls could still live, with access and trails for all to enjoy.

Maybe next time.

~ Susanne

8 Comments on “The Gone Tiffany Park Woods

  1. I feel your grief, Sue, and I am sorry for the disruptions and changes you’re going through. I know I would be mopey.

    I will share that I am no fan of owls, ever since a friend’s 8-pound cat was carried off by one. That notwithstanding, I remain an avid birdwatcher!

    • I’m getting over it. Just wish there had been a way to keep the woods for everyone to enjoy. And I do understand about the owls. I loved hearing them occasionally in the deep of night, but recognize they are birds of prey!

  2. Seeing the photos, I now realise just how close the development will be. That’s sad indeed. It reminds me of how local people here fought the development of the additional houses in Beetley, in 1980. I now live in one of those, so who am I to complain? Just the never-ending cycle of too many people, and not enough space.
    As for Owls, they deserve their place in the world. If they take a cat, that’s no different to a cat killing a mouse or a bird. Just nature being natural.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • The trucks are here! Time to get up! 🙂 Yes, I had mixed feelings about the development from the start. On a personal level, we loved living right next to the woods and wanted them to be kept, as did the entire neighborhood! We did what we could to voice our concerns. But I understood the property was owned by the school district and when they couldn’t build a school there they had to sell and build someplace they could. It would have been nice if the city or conservation group could have purchased the property and preserved it. But no interest. So life goes on. As you say, more people mean more houses and more houses mean more spread. It’s inevitable. Fortunately there are still many places nearby to get away from it all and enjoy nature which I believe is so important. thanks for your comment.

  3. Wow Sue you are sure keeping a good attitude about all this! But I know it would be hard. I was surprised when I saw the pictures today because somehow I expected there to be plants left over too. Glad Tiger and Benji are coping okay! And I didn’t know an owl could pick up an 8 lb cat! That’s pretty scary!

    • Thanks for your comment. 🙂 We’ve had time to adjust to losing the woods, so it’s ok. Hopefully the noisiest part will be over soon! I’m glad the kitties are doing okay. They really don’t seem that bothered, but that’s probably because it’s been a few months already and they have grown used to it. I will miss the owls. I loved hearing them in the night, especially the great horned owl! But I had heard they could pick up a cat, which is a terrifying thought! I hope they found a good home in woods nearby, where they can feast on rodents!

    • Yeah it’s a bummer to lose those woods. Hopefully construction won’t drag on too long and things will return to ‘normal’ soon. thanks

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