End of a Hot Summer Day

Nearing the end of another hot, dry, summer day, with temperatures soaring and no rain in sight, skies otherworldly, milky and dim from the forest fires north in British Columbia,

all is well in the backyard, where I turn on the stream

and the chickadees come down to drink and splash and enjoy

and are refreshed.

~ Susanne

2 Comments on “End of a Hot Summer Day

  1. I always wondered what a ‘chickadee’ was.
    No real heat here, just humidity and seven hours of heavy rain last night. August is not turning out to be very nice at all, in most of the UK.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. I wish we had a good rain in the forecast to clear the air. We’ve gone over 40 days with no rain and temperatures in the mid to upper nineties this week. We still have nice shade around our home to keep us cool! Chickadees are my favorite birds, very friendly and happy to come and drink and splash in the stream.

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