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Strange and Soothing Seasons

I woke this morning to a caucus of crows and heavy footsteps on the roof.  Were they protesting the presence of a raccoon?  I got up to look while the clamoring continued as did the low rumblings.  Too heavy for a raccoon, maybe the… Continue Reading “Strange and Soothing Seasons”

End of a Hot Summer Day

Nearing the end of another hot, dry, summer day, with temperatures soaring and no rain in sight, skies otherworldly, milky and dim from the forest fires north in British Columbia, all is well in the backyard, where I turn on the stream and the… Continue Reading “End of a Hot Summer Day”

The Garden, a Stream, and Benji

After a busy day out and about in long lines and traffic and life’s uncertainties, I made it back home and went into my garden to rest. Here the lavender never fails to cheer, while the scent of the woods, the sound of birdsong and the beauty of the… Continue Reading “The Garden, a Stream, and Benji”

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