Strange and Soothing Seasons

I woke this morning to a caucus of crows and heavy footsteps on the roof.  Were they protesting the presence of a raccoon?  I got up to look while the clamoring continued as did the low rumblings.  Too heavy for a raccoon, maybe the sound of construction nearby?

Benji startled and wondered at the noise and I tried to assure him.

Then continuing peals of thunder, low, rolling thunder- till heavy rain and pelting hail began to fall.

Days on end of eighty degree weather came to a crashing end – it was strange but comforting – pure Seattle weather.  Locals posted – THUNDER – on social media sites –  enjoying the sounds of the storm.

Yesterday we sat by the stream,

which is fed by rainwater, thanks to my husband’s creativity.

It drains into a rain barrel, then through an underground pipe to the stream across the yard.

The water was evaporating too quickly so just last week he added another barrel to hold the overflow.

The stream will continue to flow when the sunshine returns.

But today we’ll stay inside.

~ Susanne

14 Comments on “Strange and Soothing Seasons

    • Thanks Pete. It feels like a naturally flowing stream in the woods. Bob did a great job building it and supplying it to flow with rainwater.

  1. For the magnificent photos that you attach, the rain came to change your landscape that looks charming. after the scare, they enjoyed a different peaceful morning.
    My greetings

  2. Wow, what an innovative way to create the stream! It always looks so beautiful and the kitties seems to enjoy it too!

  3. How nice that sounds! I actually kind of wish it would rain like that here! That first photo of Benji would be perfect for photoshopping! I could immediately see him looking at a computer screen or some other amazing sight along with Foster and Panda…🤔

    • Still raining today though it’s finally slowed down. Everything is well watered in the garden.

      I’ve never used photoshop but am looking into editing software. Does photoshop let you reduce file size? I’m trying to figure out how to save space but still retain quality.

      • Actually I use the term “photoshop” but the program I have is Corel PaintShop Pro. I guess it’s similar though. You can do all kinds of things with it, and you can change the size of things too. I also always reduce my photo file size for the blog by just resizing in the Microsoft photo editing that came with the computer. 👍

      • Okay, thanks. I keep hoping there’s a good way to reduce file size without cropping so much of the picture out. Maybe I’ll also look into Corel. 🙂

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