Office Antics with Benji

Just another day watching TV in the office.

Wonder what he’s so grouchy about?

Better not find out.

– Benji

4 Comments on “Office Antics with Benji

  1. He could do a live cat-webcam. That’s a real business opportunity, and more entertaining than the usual webcam girls on offer!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Effie is a huge fan of animal videos, especially cats and birds. It’s Vic’s way of keeping her peaceful in the morning, when he’s trying to get chores done, ready for work, etc., and I’m focused on getting ready for breakfast so we can eat together before he needs to leave. . .She gets yowly, wanting to go out, come in, repeat. . .but the videos help her stay tractable when we can’t be her on-the-spot door personnel.

    • A perfect cat sitter! I haven’t tried bird videos with Benji. I’m afraid he might destroy my computer trying to get at them! He watches TV too..

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