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Computer Woes with Benji

“I don’t mean to complain Benji, but technology is failing me badly these days!” “I can see you’ve been frustrated, Sue. Tell me about it.” “Well on the blog front WordPress is getting buggier. Not only does the functionality seem to change daily, even… Continue Reading “Computer Woes with Benji”

How Many Browsers Does One Blogger Need?

Three so far! Microsoft Edge My computer came loaded with Microsoft Edge and I’ve used it for everything including blogging.  Until it became increasingly buggy.  First, I started losing my credentials when reading other blogs which caused my comments to show up as ‘Anonymous.’   … Continue Reading “How Many Browsers Does One Blogger Need?”

Office Antics with Benji

Just another day watching TV in the office. Wonder what he’s so grouchy about? Better not find out. – Benji

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