Computer Woes with Benji

“I don’t mean to complain Benji, but technology is failing me badly these days!”

“I can see you’ve been frustrated, Sue. Tell me about it.”

“Well on the blog front WordPress is getting buggier. Not only does the functionality seem to change daily, even the basics don’t work as well as before. I can’t even edit a post without the Block Editor freezing up.

And my computer monitor? The one I purchased earlier this year? It’s already defective. A blue vertical line suddenly appeared dividing my screen in half. It’s under warranty but who wants to ship it off to who-knows-where?”

“Are you listening, Benji?”

“Of course I’m listening, Sue. Keep talking.”

“Good. Because I wasn’t done with monitors. I visited mom last week and must have looked at her monitor cross-eyed or something – it went dark for days.”

“Then the other day I was working on a post and Xfinity crashed. There was no internet or TV for hours. Fine I said, I’ll read a book.”

“Always good to read a book, Sue. Anything else?”

“Well yes, now that you mentioned it. I was going to share my last post to Facebook but the button was gone! Oh great, I thought, now my settings are messed up! But it turns out it was bigger than that. The entire Facebook died for a few hours! When it revived so did the share button.”

“Wow, Sue. Incredible! Now if you’ll excuse me…..”

“Where you going, Benji? I haven’t told you about my camera yet.”

“Sorry Sue. It will have to wait till after my nap. Maybe you need one too.”

“Maybe I do, Benji.”

~ Susanne and Benji

25 Comments on “Computer Woes with Benji

  1. Tech is frustrating me right now too. Funny coincidence, yesterday when I was searching for info on the facebook outage I came across a quote from twitter, roughly, “Fix it before somebody has to read a book.”

  2. I did laugh when Facebook and associated apps went down. The horror. The horror. Benji has the right approach. I took a nap too.

  3. I completelyunderstand the frustration with WordPress continually “tweaking” their system…I routinely have it freeze up and I shut down the post and restart it…it’s just one of the things I have gotten used to!

  4. What a great story! I really enjoyed it. Sorry about your computer woes and hopefully WordPress stops tweaking, 😊

  5. We could all have a gripe-a-thon about the wretched block editor. I hope your next week is better.

  6. My wife was close to hysteria when there was no Facebook. I hate that platform, and consider it to be an addiction on a par with heroin. People certainly get ‘withdrawal symptoms’ when it crashes.
    When there are ‘glitches’ with WordPress, it usually means they are fiddling with it behind the scenes. And that almost always signals that there is going to be yet another ‘improvement’ that improves nothing. I am still sticking with Classic, and it is working well so far.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. I can live without Facebook, but it’s fun to see friends updates and photos. I often post my blog there as I have a few readers (including my mom) so when the FB share button disappeared I thought it was yet another WordPress glitch. The BE changes so much it’s hard to keep up and most annoyingly freezes up a lot. I assume that the Classic Editor is more stable since it’s not being updated? I may go back and try it again.

  7. Aww man! Computer glitches are the worst! Fortunately Benji was there for you to confide in! I shouldn’t speak too soon, but I haven’t had WordPress freeze up on me lately. But I agree the block editor can be kind of a pain. As Foster would say, β€œWhen all else fails, bite your foot,” but taking a nap comes in as a close second!

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