Wax Begonia – Workhorse of the Garden

After yesterday’s rain I went for a walk in my garden and found wax begonias blooming heartily where I planted them earlier this year.

I may have neglected them but they didn’t neglect me. Next year I shall add to their numbers.

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~ Susanne

24 Comments on “Wax Begonia – Workhorse of the Garden

  1. Since I know NOTHING about gardening…they are workhorses because they take care of themselves and bloom all year?

    • Yes, that’s how I see it! I planted them in a container earlier this year then pretty much ignored them. And while the rest of my garden looks pretty sad right now, here they are just blooming away!

  2. How brightly and beautiful! I think we had some begonias in Houston, but they don’t do well in Denver. You’re lucky to have so much lush beauty where you live!

  3. This is such a beautiful plant! We used to have some of these in pots inside the house when I was young. Maybe I should get some!

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