A beautiful November week …. at least for the weather

Whether November turned out to be beautiful for you or not..  well, we won’t go there.  Instead, let us look to the skies at the beautiful weather we are having here in the Pacific Northwest. After a record breaking rainy October, we reached 70 degrees earlier this week, the highest temperature ever recorded this late in the year. And we have had several days in the sixties since.  I suppose that compensates for other disappointments. Or maybe not.

Yesterday we took a drive and visited Olympia, Washington’s state capital. I wandered down to the Capitol Lake and was cheered to see the Capitol Building still standing strong. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate.  But it is lovely.

And the bay nearby was serene and peaceful, just what I needed.

What to say? Perhaps we have to give one another the benefit of the doubt. Good people voted for the candidate of their choice for reasons known only to themselves. Obvious deal breakers for some were not for others. Let each be persuaded in their own mind.

We shall see.  Change is hard. But today, the sun is still shining.

~ Susanne

4 Comments on “A beautiful November week …. at least for the weather

  1. Nice to see the peaceful scenes in good weather. And nice to hear a moderate voice in the aftermath of your election shock.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. We’ve had 80°–I don’t know whether it’s a record here or not.

    Vic had a holiday, and we went fishing–the river was wonderful. I was consoled and managed not to think about the fact of a president. We have gaillardias in bloom!

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