Still Tiger, with most favored feline status

This is Tiger and I thought it was time for an update lest you think I was a most unhappy cat after little you know who moved in not long ago.  Not to worry. Today I was out surveying my kingdom unhindered, while the skies were blue, the leaves were fragrant underfoot and the sun was shining through the clouds.  Sue sought me out and I knew she had something on her mind.  I pawsed. (Little cat humor there.)

She bid me come inside so we could talk awhile.  Sure, I said. I always have time for you….

Up to her office we went where I took some time to clean up while she settled into her chair.

“Don’t worry about Benji,” she said, “he’s still young and will soon grow out of his pestering ways. See how much better he is in only two months.”

I had to agree. I am now able to look upon the young cowboy with nary a hiss (well…. most of the time.) Things are looking up.

She also assured me that I, being the senior cat in residence and clearly the most handsome and charitable and reasonable one on the premises, would retain most favored feline status and all that included. Regardless of how it sometimes appeared.  I was being tested daily, she continued on, but it would only make me stronger.   This too I considered and had to agree.  I am strong. And most reasonable.

She has always been straight with me and trustworthy too.  And I the same with her.

She needed reassurance that I was still happy and on board with the newcomer.  Certainly I was, yes.  I pledged my continued cooperation while the youngster grew out of his worst traits. (Too many to mention here.)

And thus, I am still happy, with most favored feline status and with top billing,

~  the Tiger

9 Comments on “Still Tiger, with most favored feline status

  1. Good for you, Tiger! I, on the other hand only wish Halvor could move in with us! But he can’t, you see, because Lauren is allergic to cats, and the extra hair would be too much for her! Halvor and I only see each other through the fence around Effieland. I think Halvor will be able to be in Effieland with me soon, though. Lauren just wants to be sure I’ll be safe with him, and she’ll be with us the whole time. ❤ ^-.-^

    • Sorry to hear Lauren is allergic to cats! I’m glad you get to live there anyway… And I hope it works out for you and Halvor.. Effieland would be a wonderful place for 2!

      • A Claritin a day keeps the sneezes away, for the most part anyway. Last week Effie ran up to Halvor as we were headed for the Effieland gate, and they vigorously rubbed noses and each other’s necks with their faces. But they’re both subject to sudden temper changes. . .I’m still observing them. He outweighs her by 8 or 10 pounds.

      • I hope they become fast friends! Our Tiger is twice the size of Benji.. surprisingly it is Benji who is more aggressive.. maybe that’s the fearlessness of youth! Fortunately they mainly bat the air and not each other… 🙂

      • Halvor has been around the six years we’ve been here, and he’s been full-grown (and huge) as long as we’ve known him. Effie’s 2-1/2 and fairly petite. They do seem fond of one another, but he might not like the idea of being confined to a fenced area so they could be together, and I’m certainly not letting Effie out loose to go tramping with Halvor.

        So. . . the thwarted romance continues.

  2. Never fear, Tiger. You will always be the alpha cat! Young Benji is merely a pretender to your throne. But he knows his place!
    Best wishes, Pete. (And Ollie)

    • Thank you.. I keep reminding him of that. I continue to humor him. But he shall remain #2. ~ Tiger 🙂

  3. Those eyes… such wisdom.

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