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Celebrating The Holidays – At The White House! Here’s Our White House Holiday Party Tour!

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Yes, my wife Alex and I attended the White House holiday party on December 21 – an incredible “once in a lifetime” night – so how did this happen? Here’s the story! It all began when my Alex received this…

Washington DC – A Treasure Trove of Art and Museums!

I’m back with the museums and art of Washington D.C. from our trip last fall. It’s taken awhile to put it together because there are thousands (maybe millions??) of treasures to be found in the free museums of the Smithsonian and National Gallery of… Continue Reading “Washington DC – A Treasure Trove of Art and Museums!”

Washington DC – The National Mall and Memorial Parks

This was not our first trip to DC, but it was the most amount of time we spent in the city to date, exploring the monuments, memorials, and museums on the National Mall. According to the National Park Service website, “This is where the… Continue Reading “Washington DC – The National Mall and Memorial Parks”

Welcomed Home by Snow!

Yesterday we woke up in the Other Washington. Today we woke up at home to snow! What a difference a day makes! We had a wonderful time in Washington DC last week under mostly blue skies and sunshine and I can’t wait to share… Continue Reading “Welcomed Home by Snow!”

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