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Great American Road Trip – Kentucky and the Blue Ridge Parkway

After nearly 2 weeks on the road we had reached a low point on our cross country journey.  310 feet underground to be exact. We were in Kentucky on the historic tour of Mammoth  Cave, the longest cave system known in the world, with…

The Great American Road Trip – and Kansas

I’m resting on the shore, absorbing the heavy rays of August sun, watching a tall, elegant bird, peering into the water’s edge.  There’s a thick, summer stillness and almost imperceptible sound rising from the ripples caused by fish and the insects skirting over the…

Hooray for Road Trips!

Okay, so off I go in a new direction.  Figuratively and literally. And it’s all about the classic American road trip. Yes, we’ve done a few.  In all four corners of this great country of ours.  And across the middle too.  And that is…

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