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Playful Benji

It goes without saying that I miss the boys whenever I’m away and I’m certain they miss me too. So I need to make it up to them as best I can. Tiger is happy with a good scratching but Benji wants to play….

Benji is the Best Medicine

I’m in bed today with a bad cold  (are there any good ones?)  but Benji wants to play. “Come on, Sue!” he says.  “Bet you can’t find me.” “Bet I can’t either, Benji.” “Over here Sue!” Of course I can’t resist and I’m up…

Weary of the Sunshine

“Benji,” I said. “What are you doing under there?  It must be the weather, huh? ” “Catchin’ some shade,” he said. “It’s too hot for me. The sun penetrates my fur and slows me down.  Zaps me of all my strength. Like this,” he said….

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