Benji – A Question of Heritage

“Hey Benji. I’ve been doing some research and it’s all beginning to make sense now.”

“What’s beginning to make sense, Sue?”

“You are Benji. Did you ever wonder where you got your beautiful, distinctive markings from? Especially your spotted belly?”

“You mean this, Sue?”

“Exactly Benji!”

“‘And your fur is so soft! Softer than any cat I’ve ever had.”

“Aw come on, Sue. I bet you say that to all your cats!”

“No really, Benji I mean it. You’re unique. Not only outwardly but you still have the energy of a kitten even though you’re 5 years old! I had a hunch so I read up on the Bengal Tabby and I couldn’t believe how much it describes you!”

“Go on, Sue.”

“Bengals are exceptionally intelligent and curious cats. They’re energetic, athletic, and love to jump and climb and perch on high places. Sound like anybody you know?”

“They’re also highly active and demand lots of interaction.”

“Okay Sue. I’ll embrace my heritage! But what’s your point exactly?”

“My point is Benji, it helps me understand you! If one of your ancestors was indeed an Asian spotted leopard – which is where the Bengal came from – that would explain your urge to jump and climb and play -nonstop. Why you run around the house pestering me and drop your toy at my feet again and again. I thought it was too much but now I know you’re just living out what’s in your genes. You can’t help yourself! See?”

“Sure Sue. Whatever works for you. Now can we play some fetch!”

“You got it Benji.”

~ Susanne and Benji

15 Comments on “Benji – A Question of Heritage

  1. What lovely spots on Benji! And there’s no doubt he’s quite the climber!

    • Thank you! Yes he’s quite the climber and has boundless stores of energy! I do suspect he’s got some Bengal in his ancestry. šŸ˜»

  2. How fascinating. I love how clearly he meets all the criteria. Now we just have to figure out who smuggled him in from India.

    • Someone mentioned to me a while ago that he had the markings of a Bengal. The Bengal mix came from interbreeding a Asian leopard cat with a domestic cat. No way to know for sure, but Benji’s markings and personality traits seemed to match the Bengal Tabby descriptions I found online. I think he may have some of it in him, though not a purebred. Purebreds are very distinctive and pricey!

    • Aw thanks! I’ll never know for sure but he’s a special kitty and sure has Bengal characteristics! šŸ˜»šŸ˜¼

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