Weary of the Sunshine

“Benji,” I said. “What are you doing under there?  It must be the weather, huh? ”

“Catchin’ some shade,” he said. “It’s too hot for me. The sun penetrates my fur and slows me down.  Zaps all my strength. Like this,” he said.

“Oh Benji, I understand, ” I replied.  “I’m feeling rather lethargic myself with these temperatures in the eighties.  We’re just not used to it anymore.”

“True, ” he said. “But I still have more energy than you do because I’m a cat and I have youth on my side.  Wanna see?”

“Okay, Benji, yes.  You made your point. You still got it.”

~Susanne and Benji

8 Comments on “Weary of the Sunshine

  1. Around here, the cats tend to bask in the sunshine. I wonder how they stand it, but I suppose it is a rare luxury for them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Same here. But I don’t think Benji has seen this much sun before in his short life. Into the upper eighties. After a while he just stretches out and falls over in the heat. This sequence of pictures captures the day! He and I both wish for cooler temperatures. And I am even looking forward to rain!

  2. Benji, we seem to share an aversion to heat and an ability to carry on and enjoy it anyway. ❤

    • Yes! Fortunately our high temperatures seemed to have peaked and after a few coming showers we can look forward to the high sixties. Much better I think! 🙂

  3. I can’t believe I didn’t see this post before! Benji is so adorable! I think Foster is glad to be an inside cat when Fresno’s weather is in the 100’s!

    • Thank you! I think we were having our version of a heatwave at the time, but probably not like Fresno’s version!

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