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Insights from Tiger and Benji and other cat stories

Still on break

And in repose. Just like Benji. – Susanne

Still the Handsome Tiger

Originally posted on Cats and Trails and Garden Tales:
This is Tiger and I gotta tell you it’s not easy being the oldest cat in the family.  They let that boy run wild and do things I would never have gotten away with.  Times change I…

All Ready for the Day

Somebody’s ready to start the day. But it’s not me. Happy Shortest Day of the Year from Benji!  🙂 ~ Susanne

Benji’s Fishy

I found his little Fishy in the closet the other day where it had disappeared for months.  It’s small and flat so it slips (too) easily under doors, couches, stoves or what have you. Benji fell in love with it all over again like…

It’s a Cat’s Life

A Saturday afternoon. House is clean, fire’s warm, waiting for family to arrive. These boys think all the fuss is for them. Well. At least for now, it’s a cat’s life. ~  Susanne

Taking Turns in the New Chair

I have a new chair in my office and it’s really comfy.  Every morning after rising I retreat to my office for a quiet time and coffee, though not before I feed the boys.  After their breakfast Benji joins me on my lap though…

A Cat’s Day in the Garden

“Good morning boys,’” I say. “Winter is on the way. Time to clean up the fall garden.” Tiger’s ready. Benji too. “Benji,  it looks like we have an intruder.  You know what to do.” And he does. Then we tackle the garden beds.  Tiger…

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