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Insights from Tiger and Benji and other cat stories

Happy National Pet Day!

I said these words to our two feline residents and they were puzzled. “What’s a pet?”  asked Benji. “Um, well,” I replied, a bit startled by the look in his eyes. “According to the dictionary it’s a tamed animal kept for companionship.” “Tamed?” questioned…

Benji the Cute Sleeper

Poor Benji looks so cute when he’s sleeping that I’m compelled to take many pictures of him, which he seems to tolerate even while tossing and turning, until he tells me enough is enough and I finally get the message. ~ Susanne and Benji

A Rainy Day in the Spring Garden

It was inevitable that the real spring would finally show up in the Pacific Northwest.  Where it rains, then it shines, then it blows, then it rains again.  Today was such a day. But in between those rain squalls Benji and I managed to…

Kitty in a Bowl

Any questions? ~ Susanne and Benji

How Many Toys Does One Kitty Need?

I asked myself this question even as I sought to buy another – to replace Benji’s favorite which had gone missing again. I took an inventory of existing toys and there were over 20 not including those in hiding. But none as good as…

Notes on Tolerance from Tiger and Benji

Originally posted on Cats and Trails and Garden Tales:
More nose to nose.  Less rebuke and hissing. More close encounters of the peaceful kind. Less misunderstanding the intentions of the other. No, I’m not talking about the country (though that would be good too.) …

Where Have You Been?

Inquiring minds want to know. ~ Benji

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