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Insights from Tiger and Benji and other cat stories

Take Time to Smell the Sunflowers

Just like Tiger!  🙂 ~ Susanne

Tiger by the Fire

It seems that summer packed up and left in a hurry this year, slamming the door on its way out. A couple of weeks ago we had the most dramatic lightshow I’ve never seen in Seattle – heavy rain, thunder, and hundreds of lightning…

Benji made the Calendar!

Happy September 13th to me and Benji. For indeed it is my birthday. And indeed Benji made the International Cat Care Calendar for 2020 – out of 1,500 entries but then who’s counting? He’s in the corner on my lap. 😻 – Susanne and…

Tossing and Turning all Night

Do you ever have one of those nights when you just can’t get to sleep? You toss and turn looking for that perfect position trying to get comfortable but nothing seems to work … Until … finally! Me too. ~ Susanne and Benji

Benji and the Fair

Yesterday we headed south to Puyallup for our annual visit to the Washington State Fair,  but not before this happened. “Please Sue can I come too?” “Sorry Benji no.  The fair is for people.” “Really Sue?  No animals allowed at all?” “Well, not exactly…

– Promote Your Blog! –

Originally posted on Phoebe, MD: Medicine + Poetry:
Dear friends,  It is no secret that I value this WordPress community and that I enjoy each one of your wonderful blogs. Therefore, today will be a Meet-and-Greet, where I welcome each of you to promote yourself…

Precious Cats

I couldn’t let the Lens-Artists Challenge Precious Pets go by without sharing pictures of the cats who’ve been part of our lives these past many years. I’ll start with dear Annie, the only Siamese I ever had and the most long-lived of them all. She…

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