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Insights from Tiger and Benji and other cat stories

Spring and Winter in the Garden

Sorry for another weather post but this morning we woke up to more of the white stuff.  It’s pretty, but c’mon now, isn’t it time for spring yet? I thought so earlier this week and managed to do some work in the garden with…

Kitty Patterns

Benji and Tiger have lovely patterns in their fur and are happy to show them off. But sometimes they are swallowed up by other patterns. For Cees’ Fun Foto Challenge, Patterns. ~ Susanne

Cats Just Wanna Have Fun

“Sorry Benji.” “What for Sue?” “For being so grouchy with you. I don’t mean to be.” “Refresh my memory Sue.” “This morning Benji.  When you were running wild and into everything.” “Oh that,” he replied.  “I’ve forgotten all about it.” “Well anyway Benji, it’s…

Tiger ~ musings on the early days

Originally posted on Cats and Trails and Garden Tales:
After we first arrived at our new home to begin the third of our nine lives, Bob & Sue put us in our own little room where we had everything we would need.  They brought…

Cat Falling Asleep

Stage 1 – Oh no!  Tomorrow I have to go outside and fight the moles. What if I don’t win? Or worse yet,  what if I’m stuck inside because of rain or snow? I’ll go crazy if I have to stay in another day!…

On Blogging and the Snow

Yesterday I was notified by WordPress that I’m apparently on a roll having posted 5 days in a row.  I think my being cooped up here during Snowmageddon has something to do with it – which makes me wonder – what did those pioneers…

Snow Day with Benji and Tiger

The fire is going, the shelves are stocked and the promised Snowmageddon has begun in the Pacific Northwest.   Staying snug inside where all is warm and safe. ~ Susanne and  Benji and Tiger

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