And now for the Eagles – a Walk at Lincoln Park

Yesterday I shared with you the hummingbirds in my backyard; today I’ll share the eagles – okay, the eagle – that I saw last week before the weather went south.

It was one of those beautiful blue-sky days that we sometimes get in Seattle – clear, cold and sunny – so we went for a walk at Lincoln Park.

We walked through the woods on the bluff overlooking Puget Sound

and were welcomed by squirrels.

We continued down the trail through a tangle of trees

to the steep path down to the Sound below.

We arrived at the beach and were back in the sunshine where the best was yet to come –

for I looked up and saw a lone bald eagle perched majestically in the fir tree high above.

I was so happy to see him though I learned later later he might be missing a mate.

The Avian flu has arrived in Washington state, and one of the bald eagles at Lincoln Park was impacted. I believe it was taken in for care; I do hope it survives.

~ Susanne

25 Comments on “And now for the Eagles – a Walk at Lincoln Park

  1. Stunning photos Susanne! What a beautiful and majestic bird. Thank you for sharing your walk with us! I do hope he is reunited to his mate! Hugs, C

  2. What a great sight to see–I never tire of seeing eagles! Great shot, Susanne. We are at almost 2 feet of snow and single digits here today (1, LOL) but the sun is out! Merry Christmas to you all!

    • Thanks, Terri.😊 I love seeing the eagles, too! We’re freezing cold here this week but not into the single digits! Yikes! And only 2 inches of snow compared to your 2 feet!

      Enjoy the sunshine and Merry Christmas to you and yours! 😊

  3. Eagles are such majestic-looking birds. We have one of those hidden cameras in the county focused on a mystery location where they nest.

  4. Beautiful Eagle pictures!! I haven’t seen one in a couple years, we just don’t go to the Greenway much anymore.

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