My Feathered Friends – It started with the Chickadees!

I’ve been a backyard birder for as long as I can remember, and it was the chickadees that first attracted me. I saw them flitting about in the trees and heard them calling their friendly greetings to one another and to me too, it seemed. I was hooked.

I’m still charmed by chickadees and am happy that both the black-capped and chestnut-backed varieties live in my yard; I was recently visited by both.

It seemed that spring finally arrived last weekend (yes, I know it’s nearly the end of May) and I was out enjoying the sunshine with the stream running.

I was hoping to entice the birds and I succeeded when a black-capped chickadee stopped by for a dip.

I was ready and sat quietly nearby with camera in hand enjoying the show.

That wasn’t the case when a chestnut-backed chickadee surprised me while I was in the hot tub!

He landed on the branches of the evergreen tree hanging over the deck and bounced from branch to branch looking for insects. Sometimes he hung upside down just a few feet from me, without any fear while I watched, both overjoyed and astounded.

Now obviously I did not have my camera with me in the hot tub, so you’ll have to take my word that this visitation occurred; by the time I was out he was done hunting for the night and all I got was a picture of the branches.

I thought it might be one of the chickadees who nested out front earlier this year, so I went to see if I might find him there.

Instead I found these two enjoying the snag – house finches I believe – more of my feathered friends.

Sharing with Sunday Stills.

~ Susanne

30 Comments on “My Feathered Friends – It started with the Chickadees!

  1. We can easily take your word for the hot tub visit – and what fun! This post showed your fun with birds indeed

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  3. You always have fun in your amazing backyard with the birds, Susanne! Your chickadees are adorable, sweet, and quite photogenic! How cool to see one hanging around you while in your hot tub! What an experience!

  4. We have lots of Chickadees. They are my state’s official bird. 🙂

  5. Who needs a bird bath? Have you ever had them take seed from your hands? I did once in central Oregon and it was priceless.

    • That must have been wonderful! I don’t actually feed them anymore because of the 2 resident felines. The seed tends to drop to the ground and I’d rather they stay in the trees save for a bath and a drink. 😊

  6. You are lucky to get so many delightful visitors, Susanne. Thanks for showing them to us.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  7. Chickadees are so dang cute, and fast, too! Sometimes it’s impossible to get their picture.

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