Whatcha Doing, Benji?

“Isn’t it obvious, Sue? I need to get into the closet.”

“No you don’t Benji. I don’t want you in there. I don’t even like you sitting on the banister. You could fall.”

“Fall?? We cats are nimble, Sue. We don’t just fall.”

“Okay, Benji. But I’m still not going to let you into the closet.”

“Please, Sue. I need somewhere quiet to sleep. Where it’s nice and dark.”

“No can do. It would be too cramped in the closet anyway, it’s full of stuff. Why don’t you find a place to sleep where you can stretch out a bit.”

“Good idea, Sue. I’ll see what I can find.”

~ from the desk of Susanne and Benji

21 Comments on “Whatcha Doing, Benji?

  1. 😸The bi-fold closet door is a wiz to open ,there is only an old Coleman cooler and a couple bags of tiddly cat

    • I think Benji would like that. He has occasionally snuck into this one when it was left open a crack. I even shut him in there once accidentally! 😸😸

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