Metallic is for the Birds!

It’s time for another Sunday Stills Challenge and it’s all about Metallic, which for my purposes is defined as having a quality of metal that includes shiny, lustrous or sparkling colors!

It so happens I found a cormorant preening on Lake Washington this week, and the lake looked like molten silver, rather metallic I thought.

Closer to home in my backyard, the neck and crown of the male Anna’s Hummingbird looked metallic when he turned his head just so.

But if these aren’t metallic enough for you, I’ll close with ‘Firebird’ – an 18 ft. sculpture also known as ‘Disco Chicken’ – I found in front of the Museum of Modern Art in Charlotte, North Carolina!

And that will do for now.

~ Susanne

18 Comments on “Metallic is for the Birds!

  1. They all worked for me. We used to have cormorants on the Thams, in Central London. The river had got so clean, they returned. I used to watch them just under Tower Bridge, when I lived in that area.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Love your pics, especially the hummer. Reminded me of my Rodney, male Anna’s’s that I had for a while.

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