Hiking Yosemite’s “Mist Trail”! Here’s Our STEEP Climb To The Vernal Waterfall!

Have you been to Yosemite? My brother takes you there on his blog today, up close to some fabulous falls!!


“The last few hundred meters up the Vernal Falls trail are stairs cut into the cliffside…”

With that simple line, the National Park Service warned us that a very steep climb was ahead of us!

Welcome To Yosemite’s “Mist Trail!”

Welcome back to Yosemite National Park, roughly a 7 hour drive northeast of Los Angeles, and about 3 hours slightly south and east of San Francisco. The “Mist Trail” hike is 3 miles round trip to the Vernal Waterfall and back, but you can go much further as well, as this park has trails lacing it like Christmas ribbon!

We were here a few days before Thanksgiving, and the park’s shuttle buses to the trailhead weren’t operating due to Covid restrictions, so we added another 1.2 miles walking over from the legendary Ahwahnee Hotel.

To get to the Mist Trail, you get to follow the gorgeous, serene Merced River on…

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21 Comments on “Hiking Yosemite’s “Mist Trail”! Here’s Our STEEP Climb To The Vernal Waterfall!

  1. I haven’t been but I want to!! So beautiful. Nice pics

    • Thanks! I enjoyed the pictures and videos too! I’ve been to Yosemite but not for a few years; and I don’t remember doing this steep hike. So I was happy to see the falls up close without having to do the climb! 😊

  2. A fun if slightly nerve-wracking hike, Susanne! I never hiked during winter but someday! Great shots! Usually it’s 95 degrees in July-August and one really appreciates the mist!

  3. Stunning pictures, I didn’t realize John was your brother! I haven’t been to Yosemite but would love to go some day.

    • Thank you! Yes, indeed! He inspired me to start my own blog! 😊 Yosemite is incredible. It’s been a few years since I was there but I would love to go back again in the off season.

  4. Wow that’s an incredible post! I may have missed it but I didn’t see the “like” button on John’s post. Fresno is really not far from Yosemite at all, but I haven’t been there in ages. John got some amazing photos!

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I thought the waterfall pictures were incredible! I definitely need to go back to Yosemite though I’m not sure I’m up to the hike he did!

  5. It looks like a good photographic eye runs in the family! What a beautiful hike and view. Sigh.

  6. I have never been to Yosemite, but Acadia(which I know is in your some day plans) has its own share of very steep trails.

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