Glorious Tulips at Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival!

Happy, happy to have stopped by the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon last month, on the way home from our road trip! That’s Mt. Hood in the background in case you wondered.

It was our first time at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm but it won’t be the last! It’s my new favorite place to celebrate tulips!

Sharing with Lens-Artist Photo Challenge and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

~ Susanne

27 Comments on “Glorious Tulips at Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival!

  1. Oh it looks like you were there on a perfect day. Mt Hood is gorgeous in the background. 😀 Beautiful photos.

  2. I love the tulip festivals! We have been to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival a few times. Your pictures are fabulous especially with Mount Hood behind.

    • Thank you so much! I love going to the Skagit Valley for the tulip festival there! It was fun to find another special place celebrating tulips, a bit further away but I’ll definitely go back again! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the bright, lovely, and gorgeous tulips photos from the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival! Visiting it is on my wish list! 🌷

  4. Wow… that is stunning! Thank you for the tour. I love the image of the field of clorful tulips with the Mt. Hood in the background.

    • It was great! I’d only heard of it recently from another blogger and it was a perfect stop on our way home. I can’t wait to go back next year! 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness Susanne – I remember some time ago Cee posted her tulip photos from the festival and I was green with envy. Now I’m adding you to that!! The tulips are glorious. Loved your choice this week.

    • Thank you so much! I first learned of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm from Cee’s blog! I was thrilled to be able to stop by during the Tulip Festival! I hope to return again next year! 🙂

  6. So good to see them in their thousands like that, Susanne. Lovely colourful photos that really give a sense of the place.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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