A Week Like No Other

We’ve had relentless, pounding rain in the Pacific Northwest all week long but this morning broke like springtime. We went to Coulon Park for a walk and paused at the end of the lake for these views. Skyscrapers from the Seattle skyline can be seen in the distance – squint to see them.

But the rest of the day was hard as news broke of the tragic events unfolding in our nation’s capital. This is not a political blog. But I sat in my office wondering how I could post anything light when so many terrible things were happening. It is something I grapple with.

As I thus pondered brilliant color streamed into my office and I ran outside to see the sunset.

As I write this, Congress has returned to the Capitol determined to continue counting the electoral votes before the night is over. Noble speeches have been given and I welcomed then.

There is no doubt as to the outcome. Biden and Harris will be certified as President and Vice President of the United States.

I only pray for some level of peace and normalcy to return to our fragile country soon.

~ Susanne

30 Comments on “A Week Like No Other

  1. You’re right, it has been rough. Thanks for sharing the beautiful, encouraging photos! I especially like the one with the chairs! 😊

  2. I’m glad you found some things to compensate for the goings on in the other Washington. What a sad state this country has slid into.

  3. I didn’t have to squint to see Seattle. Not bad, given the state of my eyes.
    The sunset must have soothed you, Susanne. I doubt anybody imagined seeing such events in America, and the message that sent to the outside world about the state of your country is terrible.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks John. It was a terrible culmination of the last 4 years…. I’m glad it’s coming to an end.. how we need goodness and truth to prevail and healing to begin…

  4. Thank you for your lovely post- and for brightening our day with your beautiful pictures.

    You said something that struck a chord with me- struggling with finding a way to post something light while all this chaos is going on. I have been struggling with it too. Some days it’s hard to even think enough to do a post-(especially as a cat)- when my heart feels so discouraged and heavy.

    In fact last night I didn’t even want to post because I was so bothered and because I don’t want others out there to think I don’t care about all the anxiety and depression and other things everyone is suffering because I have carefully avoided mentioning any of these things.

    But I realized that it helps me to get my own mind off things for a little bit- and hopefully it gives others a breath of fresh air to know when they come to my site, they will find cuteness and hopefully some much needed laughs.

    Please keep posting! 🌺🌹

  5. The photos are soothing. Thank you, Susanne. And I and a host of people join you in prayer for our fractured nation.

  6. Your images are a balm for my soul this week, Susanne. On one hand we are happy about the progess on our house and try to focus on that for now. On the other I can’t even look at social media or the news, between covid and national strife. I hate to see the divisiveness among my friends and the threats of people from high school unfriending each other. All this crap will pass, what we need is to intentionally feed our souls. The chairs lined along the lake speaks of hope for the future. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Terri. We had such a lovely walk in the morning but when the terrible events of the day unfolded I was so troubled I didn’t know what I could share. The sunset seemed to inspire me to words. I’m so glad the photos spoke to you. Thank you for the reminder that this too shall pass.

  7. As you probably know, I was in the same spot. Thankfully the new camera my grandkids urged me to buy shoots video with sound. With the new editor I was able to at least post a soothing short visit to a little stream. I loved the four chairs and can imagine sitting in a row with three friends with no masks drinking a nice cup of coffee.

  8. Today I’m giving thanks for you, your photography, this post, and your thoughtful sharing of same. It has been a rough week. Wednesday’s actions sucked the wind right out of my husband and me. We long for a return to civility, humanity, and peace in our country.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. Those sunset shots, though…they are absolutely gorgeous! We’ve had more rain here than usual, and only one good snow of about a couple inches so far, which is not the usual. Want more snow, rain depresses me.

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