Hello October!

October in the Pacific Northwest means peaceful walks along the Cedar River where trees turn the same color as the salmon running in the river. It won’t be long till I see them red and tattered fighting their way upstream.

Dropping by for Photo a Day Challenge.

~ Susanne

4 Comments on “Hello October!

  1. Nice colours indeed, Susanne. We just have wind and rain here currently. I don’t hang around outside long enough to watch the colours change. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. Sorry about your weather, but you know I can relate! We’re having our last hurrah of summer this week with temperatures in the upper seventies. The trees are turning now but won’t peak for a couple of weeks. I didn’t take the picture this year, but rediscovered it. And it was later in the month of October.

    • We do have some color here but peak color is still a week or two away. I happened to be going through my pictures from previous years and found this one to welcome October. 😊

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