Welcome Back, Benji!

This morning when Benji joined me in my office and scratched my chair I let him do it. And when I sat at my computer to read the news (yes, still flabbergasted) and he stretched out in front to annoy me I was thrilled.


Wednesday afternoon I took him to the Vet to get his shots, 2 vaccinations required every 3 years, a process we both hate.

Afterwards, he slept through the night and woke up Thursday lethargic, his movements slow, with hardly a greeting or desire for breakfast. I gave him some treats and he went back to bed. I called the vet and learned that these side effects aren’t unusual and could last up to 24 hours (why don’t they tell you?) and when I should be concerned. I already was and counted the hours; I wanted my old Benji back.

I was happy when he joined me in the garden yesterday afternoon but he was still not himself with little interest in the bird chatter around him.

So I was thrilled this morning to have my rambunctious boy back, eager for breakfast, and hopefully recovered. He’s now settled down for his morning nap.

I made note of it all for 3 years hence when I will seriously consider whether to have these vaccinations again.

~ Susanne

15 Comments on “Welcome Back, Benji!

  1. Wow. I wonder why they didn’t tell you. Such a hard time of worrying for something they could have warned you about. Glad he is better now.

    • Yes, in hindsight I’m very disappointed that I wasn’t warned about side effects.. I worried most of yesterday and all through the night. And am so very thankful that he seems to be back to his cheerful self this morning. But I think I’m done with vaccinations as the risk of the diseases they protect against seems rather low.

      • It seems they keep thinking of ways to charge us for our pets for things we didn’t know about before.

  2. Glad Benji is back to his normal self ! Purrs !

  3. I am glad Benji is OK now. Some of my cats have had that problem too. It is scary.

  4. Happy he is okay. Our cat, Emma, is usually a little lethargic after her trips for her shots also. We don’t like doing it to her either, but, it’s good to keep them healthy.

    • Thanks. This seemed pretty severe to me but then Benji’s only 4 and hasn’t had any shots in a long time. Fortunately I don’t have to think about it for another 3 years.

  5. Oh no! I hate when kitties aren’t “themselves”! I had a bit of a scare with Foster last month, I had to take him to the vet and they thought he had cystitis. They gave him pain med and fluids. Now he’s on prescription “urinary care” cat food and he’s been fine since. But for several days there I was a nervous wreck! And my sister and friends had to put up with me 😋

    • Oh sorry to hear about Foster, but I’m happy he’s doing better now. I agree it’s really hard to see our fur babies out of sorts and not be able to do anything to help them. I’m thankful that Benji seems to be back to normal and I won’t have to think about any more vaccinations for 3 years.

      • Yes I’m glad Benji is back to normal too! I was thinking of doing a post about taking Foster to the vet during social distancing 😬I didn’t get to go in with him😕 You have to call and tell them what parking spot you’re in and they come out and get your pet…

      • That’s what I had to do too. That part wasn’t as hard for me since I worry even more when I go in and watch what’s happening! This way I just handed him off in the carrier and then doctor came out and talked to me at the end of the process.

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