Benji’s Steps For Spring Gardening

Well it’s that time of year again so Sue has asked me to lead you through the basic steps of spring gardening!  If you’re lucky like me your humans – Bob in this case – will have already installed garden beds in a sunny place.

Your first job is to prepare the soil.  Tools help for this purpose.

Next you plant your seeds – or itty bitty plants called ‘starts.’  Or you may even move existing plants around and around like Sue does every year.

The next step is critical and definitely requires a cat like me.  You must rid your garden beds of pests lest they sneak in underneath and eat your crop before you do!

After your beds have been planted and all unwanted pests have been removed, you watch and wait,

through sunshine and rain

until you finally get to enjoy the fruit of your labor

and it is catmint!

A work cat, after all, is worthy of his wages.  🙂

~ Susanne and Benji

25 Comments on “Benji’s Steps For Spring Gardening

    • Aw yes. I admit I’ve had that problem in my garden beds.. So I’ve learned to work around it by leaving no soil exposed where edibles are planted and/ or planting edibles in barrels.

  1. You did well to capture Benji doing all that stuff. It worked so well as a montage. 🙂
    Best wishes, pete.

  2. Hey Benji! Thanks for the gardening tutorial. You sure know how to do it! Since we aren’t allowed outside, we’ll have to ask Mom to see if catmint will grow indoors!
    Foster and Panda🐱🐼

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