Winter Walk at Nolte and the Green River Gorge

After many rainy days we had a wonderful interlude of clear skies and record breaking temperatures and decided to spend it at Nolte State Park.

The property was first granted to Frederick Nolte by then President Harrison in the late 1800’s and stayed in the Nolte family until willed to the state in 1972.  The main feature of the park is beautiful Deep Lake which is surrounded by lush evergreen forest. The 1.4 mile trail around the lake is perfect for walking anytime of year and we often make the 45 minute drive to get our fix of fresh air and forest.

This time we noticed a freshly fallen tree and went to inspect it where it lay.

It will eventually be swallowed by fungus, moss and ferns as many stumps and roots are, creating mysterious life forms;

no I don’t mean Bob.

Fortunately there are still plenty of living trees like this giant Douglas Fir, the largest in the park.

After our walk we headed to the Green River Gorge where we were greeted by the roar of the river and mist rising above.

We finished up at Black Diamond Bakery with the best doughnuts in town.

It was a great way to take advantage of the mild temperatures. Cold and rain is sure to follow.

~ Susanne

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