Rambling through the Garden Rain or Shine

Summer is in full swing in the Great Northwest but you wouldn’t know it by the weather.  It seems we used up our allotment of sunshine earlier in the year and so are left with mostly gray skies and rainy days.  Still,  life continues in the garden.

First there are the dahlias.  I’ve been trying to capture their color since they started blooming but got my best picture today in the rain.

Two weeks ago I tried and the color was lost – yet I was rewarded when a visitor dropped by.

These tomatoes were just beginning to ripen a few days ago –

but now are ready to pick.

And the nasturtiums we planted in the spring? I was afraid we’d only get a crop of leaves.

But flowers finally appeared.

Here’s a shot of the whole blooming mess!  🙂

That’s all from my garden for now.

~ Susanne

12 Comments on “Rambling through the Garden Rain or Shine

  1. Looks like your garden is going well. Tomatoes were always a gamble in my garden there. Would they get enough sun to ripen? Would the bugs get them? I hope yours turn out well.

    • Thanks. 😊 I always plant tomatoes and hope for the best. I was pleased to see a few already turning red, probably because of our mild and warm spring.

  2. Our tomatoes are at least 6 weeks behind yours, but coming on strong anyway. I love the nasturtiums. I used to grow them when I was single because they “thrived on neglect” according to the seed packet, and I am no gardener.

    • I was surprised to see some already turning red. I think it’s due to the warm spring we had rather than the rainy summer! 🙂

  3. That dahlia is so prefect it looks unreal. You’ve quite the green thumb! I’m house-sitting for my sister, which includes tending to my brother-in-law’s plot in the community garden. I’m up to my eyeballs in okra, cucumbers, and tomatillos. Additionally, there is the pressure of picking figs from their massive tree. I’ve cooked and cooked and given away about 40 lbs of produce. I’m enjoying it, but also remember why I don’t garden. Having so much to tend to and baking in the brutal the Texas heat, I haven’t even taken a walk in over a week. Those New Mexico trails will kick my rear end next week!

    • Thanks so much! 🙂 My little patch of garden is not overwhelming – just a few garden beds my husband built for me. I usually only harvest some tomatoes, potatoes, raspberries and strawberries. The rest is mostly for show! Other spots in our yard are left a bit more ‘natural’ and I enjoy those too! 🙂

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