More Favorite Sculptures

I like finding art in public places, especially quirky sculptures.

I took the picture below in Washington DC many years ago, but we also have one of these in Seattle. If I have to tell you what it is you’re not as old as I am.

I found the 25 ft. couple more recently – on the waterfront in San Diego.   You either know what the kiss is about or you don’t.  And the lady really does have a head.

Wild horses couldn’t  keep me from stopping for these stallions, galloping on a bluff high above the Columbia River in Vantage, Washington.

And last but not least is one of my favorites – the Monopoly Iron. I never liked to iron but for some reason it was my token of choice when playing Monopoly.  It has since been replaced by a cat  – the Monopoly piece not the sculpture – so if I ever play the game again I will choose the cat.  Which seems rather fitting.

~ Susanne

7 Comments on “More Favorite Sculptures

  1. I used to like to be the dog in Monopoly.
    As for the top one, I am older than you, but I still don’t know what it is! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I just saw there was an earthquake in Seattle. Did you feel it? I thought that was rather unfair since you had just been through the ones in L.A.

    • Strange, huh? 4.6 in the middle of the night! But we missed it (thankfully.) We were in the North Cascades a couple hours northeast.

  3. I love the typewriter eraser! And of all the times I’ve been to San Diego I’ve never seen the “kiss”. I have also always liked that photo. As for Monopoly, like Pete, I always wanted to be the dog, too!

    • Aw thanks so much! I don’t think the Kiss has been in San Diego that long so maybe that’s why you missed it. It’s near the Midway ship. The monopoly dog is cute, but I always liked the iron, but happy to know if it had to be replaced it was with a cat! 🙂

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