Backyard Birds

I never get tired of watching the birds in my backyard – especially the chickadees and the nuthatches – as they flitter about the trees and drop by for a drink and a bath.

The chickadees are friendly and unafraid.  I love to hear them call to one another as it reminds me how they got their name – chicka-dee-dee-dee.  I saw this one waiting in the trees till the coast was clear –

then drop down to the stream for a bath.

The red-breasted nuthatches are smaller than the chickadees and seem to be more solitary.  But they’re just as charming with their aannk-aannk voice.

This one was waiting for his turn –

then down he went –

too fast for me to catch in the water.

~ Susanne

9 Comments on “Backyard Birds

  1. I stand and watch the birds eating what we put out for them too. We don’t get any very exotic birds here, but the way they squabble over food always makes me smile. That’s because there is plenty for all of them, but they have to tussle over who gets first go! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I have a little bird bath and enjoy seeing the various birds take turns as yours are doing.

  3. It is a cheery thing to listen to the chickadees “talking” back and forth among the little group, and you can join in if you are brave enough to assume you have anything to say to these delightful little birds! Seriously, if you imitate their chatter, they sometimes answer back.

    • They really do enjoy talking to one another! Maybe I’ll try joining the conversation next time! Thanks for your comment. 😊

      • You might enjoy the Donald and Lillian Stokes bird behavior books if you have an interest in their behaviors. (I don’t get a commission for mentioning them! LOL! I used them in past and found they enhanced both my enjoyment of birds and my understanding of what I observed them do.)

      • That’s where I got the chickadee suggestion. I immediately went outsidfe and tried it out. It didn’t take long before the flock moved in from a block over and treated me to an up close “concert”! I wasn’t even that convincing a chickadee. I think curiosity was the main reason they showed up. Anyway, hope you find a new path to your enjoyment of birds!

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