Orange and Yellow Roses

I love roses and try my best to grow them in my garden. It’s not always easy.  The shrubs can become scrawny and the leaves spoiled by blackspot.  The buds may be few or may not open at all. Last year I took out the more troublesome ones and moved the others to my garden beds in back where they get more sunshine.

They seem to like the change – especially the orange and yellow ones which are my favorites.

So I persist.

~ Susanne

12 Comments on “Orange and Yellow Roses

  1. Your roses are beautiful! I had roses that did well once, years ago, but since then I’ve never been able to get them to grow. 🤔🌸🌸

      • Yes it could be the soil…I’ve also read that roses thrive on neglect? In that case my yard should be full of them! 😂

      • I know they like lots of sunshine which we have in the summer here. But I don’t think they like all the rain the rest of the year. Just like me! 😁

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