A Stop by Bisbee in Blue and Yellow

On one of our trips to Tucson, Arizona we drove south to the old mining town of Bisbee just past Tombstone near the border with Mexico.  Founded in 1880 and known as the ‘Queen of the Copper Camps,’  Bisbee was once a thriving town driven by a booming mining industry of copper, silver, and gold.  But after nearly a century of mining the mineral reserves were depleted and when mining operations closed, the city of Bisbee fell into decline.  Fortunately efforts were taken to preserve the historic downtown and artists moved into the area making it a fun place to visit  (though it’s off the beaten path, I grant you.)

I say all this to show you the photos I took on the outskirts of town as I thought they would do nicely for Cees Fun Foto Challenge,  Blue and Yellow.

~ Susanne

11 Comments on “A Stop by Bisbee in Blue and Yellow

  1. Fresno has a gas station like this too, in an older part of town. It looks pretty much the same, I don’t think it’s actually in business but is it nicely preserved also. So cool!

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