Let sleeping cats lie…..

Just a few pictures of happy sleeping cats to start your weekend!

11 Comments on “Let sleeping cats lie…..

      • Yes I noticed that you’d said he wasn’t quite a year old and I knew he has to be about 2 now. Then I realized it was from an earlier post. I didn’t remember the one with the kitty feet on the chair but I saw that I had liked the original post so I must have seen it! Tiger does look joyful when sleeping! 😀

      • We adopted Benji 2 years ago from Seattle Humane; he was maybe 6 months old at the time though we never knew for sure. His adoption birthday is coming up at the end of this month! 🙂

  1. I remember this one, and commented before. I often wish I could sleep as soundly as our pets. My favourite thing is to see Ollie dreaming when he is asleep. Legs going, small barks. I just wish I could see into his dreams. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete,

    • That would be fun to see alright, you’re probably in them!! Tiger snores and Benji twists and turns into wonderful positions. I love watching them sleep. 😊🐱

  2. I blooming love seeing cute sleeping cats!!

    My cat (Monty) was just outside on the lead, and he managed to get himself in a tangle and totally freaked out in the three seconds before I rescued him. Now he’s laying as if he never did anything so silly…

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