Let sleeping cats lie…..

Just a few pictures of happy sleeping cats to start your weekend!

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

I must say that sleeping humans are not that cute (with the exception perhaps of baby humans.)  They are twisted and have messy unmanageable hair and bed-clothes and sometimes thrash around.  Indeed humans do not wish to be seen sleeping, nor to be seen waking up in the morning without a substantial amount of time spent to make themselves presentable.

Not so with cats.  All cats have a particular expression of joy while sleeping and are very pleasant to look at.  Their soft fur stays nice and intact at all times and the feet are particularly cute. Here are some examples.

Tiger is 8 years old and still enjoys sleeping very much.


Not all cats sleep the same but they all sleep cute.  Here is Benji sleeping.  He is not quite one year old.


Any questions?

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11 Comments on “Let sleeping cats lie…..

      • Yes I noticed that you’d said he wasn’t quite a year old and I knew he has to be about 2 now. Then I realized it was from an earlier post. I didn’t remember the one with the kitty feet on the chair but I saw that I had liked the original post so I must have seen it! Tiger does look joyful when sleeping! 😀

      • We adopted Benji 2 years ago from Seattle Humane; he was maybe 6 months old at the time though we never knew for sure. His adoption birthday is coming up at the end of this month! 🙂

  1. I remember this one, and commented before. I often wish I could sleep as soundly as our pets. My favourite thing is to see Ollie dreaming when he is asleep. Legs going, small barks. I just wish I could see into his dreams. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete,

    • That would be fun to see alright, you’re probably in them!! Tiger snores and Benji twists and turns into wonderful positions. I love watching them sleep. 😊🐱

  2. I blooming love seeing cute sleeping cats!!

    My cat (Monty) was just outside on the lead, and he managed to get himself in a tangle and totally freaked out in the three seconds before I rescued him. Now he’s laying as if he never did anything so silly…

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