Benji the Cover Cat

“Hey Benji, remember when you were just a young lad and we took pictures of you for American Rescue Cat?  We had to take a lot to finally get one that was suitable.  They’re all here in  The many faces of Benji

“Wow Sue,  I really was young then, wasn’t I?  And pretty wound up, judging by the pictures.  I hope I wasn’t too much trouble for you.”

“Not at all Benji. You were lots of fun. You still are!  But now that you’re a mature cat of two, I thought we could get an updated head shot of you.”

“Sure, no problem.  How’s this?”

“Ha! Very funny Benji.”

“Just kidding Sue.  I know just what you’re looking for.  How about this?”

“Perfect Benji!   You’re still the best cover cat!”

~ Just for fun, from Susanne and Benji

16 Comments on “Benji the Cover Cat

  1. Lol, love it! And Benji. My fave of my cats (can a kitty mom hsve a favourite?) is also my Ben. He has so much personality and loooves the garden with all his heart.

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