Benji the Cover Cat

“Hey Benji, remember when you were just a young lad and we took pictures of you for American Rescue Cat?  We had to take a lot to finally get one that was suitable.  They’re all here in  The many faces of Benji

“Wow Sue,  I really was young then, wasn’t I?  And pretty wound up, judging by the pictures.  I hope I wasn’t too much trouble for you.”

“Not at all Benji. You were lots of fun. You still are!  But now that you’re a mature cat of two, I thought we could get an updated head shot of you.”

“Sure, no problem.  How’s this?”

“Ha! Very funny Benji.”

“Just kidding Sue.  I know just what you’re looking for.  How about this?”

“Perfect Benji!   You’re still the best cover cat!”

~ Just for fun, from Susanne and Benji

16 Comments on “Benji the Cover Cat

  1. Lol, love it! And Benji. My fave of my cats (can a kitty mom hsve a favourite?) is also my Ben. He has so much personality and loooves the garden with all his heart.

  2. He looks grey, from the light in the first one.
    But he certainly knows how to pose for a portrait!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. His fur picks up different colors depending on the lighting. And I agree with you, he seems to love to pose for the camera! 🙂

  3. Cats are brilliant that way 😛 What a beautiful cat Benji is!

  4. So cute! Have you ever done a post about how / when you rescued Benji? I may have missed it, if it was “before my time” in the “blog world” 😊🐱🐼

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