Springtime at Seward Park

Since rediscovering Seattle’s Seward Park last year, it has become one of our favorite places to walk.  Less than 30 minutes from our house, this beautiful park on Lake Washington has beaches, old growth forest, hiking trails, picnic areas, and scenic views of Seattle. Yesterday’s walk was chilly yet bright and full of color.

The welcoming garden at the entrance to the park was fragrant with rock daphne in bloom.  The 8-ton Taiko Gata stone lantern in the center was a gift from the City of Yokohama in 1930, to thank the citizens of Seattle for their assistance to Japan after the devastating Kanto earthquake in 1923.

We explored different areas of the park this time, including the amphitheater  where young people were playing the latest outdoor games.

From there we walked through the forest,

then back to the lake via the Hatchery Trail.

There we saw a handsome mallard duck, alert yet as still as a decoy, watching his mate nearby.

We finished our walk around the park on the lakeshore trail,

and enjoyed views of the Seattle skyline, dwarfed by the massive cloud hanging overhead.

There were clouds yes, but fortunately our spring walk in the park was rain free.

~ Susanne

12 Comments on “Springtime at Seward Park

  1. Nice to have such a lovely park close by. I love that huge cloud hovering over the city too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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