The many faces of Benji

“Hey Benji,” I said.  “I’d like to take some pictures of you to submit to American Rescue Cat magazine.  They’re looking for their next Cover Cat.  You’d be perfect. Just pretend I don’t have a camera.”

“Sure!  Love to!”   he replied.  “How’s this?”

“Hmmmm,” I said.  “Very nice.  Only I’m looking for something more relaxed.  Maybe you could tone it down just a bit.”

“Okay, okay.”  he said excitedly.  “I know exactly what you mean.  Something more like this?””

“Great Benji,”  I said. “Really good….  only …  well the eyes,  Benji.  Maybe we should forget the props and just go for a headshot.”

“Sure!”  he said.  “I can do it!  How about this?”


“Now Benji, don’t get me wrong.  It looks great but, well, I was thinking of something a bit more pensive…”

“Got it,” he said, jumping up to the desk.  “How’s this?” .


“Good Benji. Good.  Say Benji, why don’t we try again tomorrow when we’re fresh?”

“Okay ” he said.  “I give up.”


“That’s it Benji!  I got it!”

~ just for fun,

Susanne and Benji

20 Comments on “The many faces of Benji

  1. We love Benji. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston believe that he´s a natural when it comes to modelling for you. What a cute little kitty.
    Best regards from the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog and thank you for posting. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I love Benji too! He’s so cute I’m always running for my camera to catch him in some charming pose! I see that Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston are also very handsome boys and we shall come over and see what they’re up to! ~ thanks again for your comment! 🙂

      • You´re very welcome and my two rascals would be very pleased if you did step by to say hello. Thank you for your reply and once again, give our love to Benji. 🙂

    • Thanks Pete! He’s a real charmer for sure. And he does play ball, even fetch! Most unusual for a cat! Thanks as always for following along! 🙂

      • Ha! I wondered how you knew he ‘played ball!’ I thought maybe I’d mentioned it in another post! But it’s true, he has favorite toys he drops at your feet and he will return it over and over again for more tosses! 😉

  2. The many faces of Benji, and all so adorable–especially, no doubt, in the furry flesh!

    • Thanks Lauren! I do think he’s adorable. Even though he still gets in trouble his antics make me laugh all the time!

  3. Hi Benji – Tink here. THANKS for coming to my party – especially since you’ve gotta’ be part dog (’cause everybody knows cats don’t play fetch – one of my particular favorite games too, btw)

    Mom’s not great with the pictures. I mean, she takes some but she doesn’t understand how to get them out of that teeny phone and up where she can show everybody else how cute I am. She says the reason they call them “smart phones” is because you have to be a genius to figure out how the darn things work. I AM a genius, and even I can’t help her out with it.

    My mom says the best thing I do is make her laugh – so I wish she’d look away from that darned computer screen and give me a chance to do it more often! ::sigh:: We do what we can – right?

    I’m no better, really. When I get my shots at Guest Blogging, nothing can tear me away (except for treats, of course)
    Woof! TINK

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