March comes in on a Whisper

There’s no lion today;  March has come to the Pacific Northwest with barely a whisper and blue skies.  We take advantage of the milder temperatures with a walk on the Cedar River Trail.

We see bursts of color in the trees and shrubs…

As an eagle soars overhead.

At the end of the trail logs are strewn about where the river flows into Lake Washington.

A lovely walk on a March day and hopefully the last we see of winter.

~  Susanne

6 Comments on “March comes in on a Whisper

  1. Lucky you, Susanne. We had that ‘lion’ here, with strong icy winds all the way from Russia, and more snow.
    I’m hoping March goes out like a lamb…
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes, we are lucky here. Still all kind of winter storm threats everywhere else it seems. Hope you get your march lamb soon! 🙂

  2. Still looking very ‘early spring’, but a beautiful day, nonetheless 🙂 Makes a nice change from my FB feed, which is full of snow and ice 😉

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