Side by Side

This is Benji and life is good for me and Tiger.  Our day begins very early when Bob lets us outside when it’s still dark and Sue is sleeping.  We chase the small ones in the bush and watch the birds come to life as the sun slowly rises.  After we finish our business we come back in and wait for Sue to give us our breakfast; it’s her job.  She knows this so I don’t feel bad waking her.

She gives us Fancy Feast in equal portions, but whatever Tiger leaves behind I am happy to finish up.  He is slow and somewhat overweight which comes with age I guess.

After breakfast we go outside again to play until it’s too cold and we want back in – this may happen several times a day.  Sue obliges though sometimes not as quickly as we’d like.

In the afternoon we play with our toys.  We especially like the red catnip mouse.

When we get tired we take our afternoon nap.

It’s a side by side life.

~ Benji and Tiger

19 Comments on “Side by Side

      • We got Tiger when he was five, and he was already eight when we got Benji, who wasn’t even a year old. Tiger had lost his brother so we thought he might be lonely. Both Tiger and Benji were rescue kitties. There was definitely a transition for them to learn to live together but It has been worth it! 🙂

  1. Greetings, Effie here–I have Fancy Feast (My Mom calls it Fancy Beast) Chicken Feast Classic, sprinkled with a few Shrimpies–boy, are they good! I also get Purina Natural Kibbles, sprinkled with a few catnip Temptations. I love those, too. We had sleet this morning and it was very cold. It’s sunny now but still cold. I am hoping Paladin will come and live with us and be happy with a home and with me and my people.

    • Hello Effie! Fancy Feast is the best and we prefer Classic too! We also like dry kibble and treats! I guess we scored big when we found our homes, huh? I hope Paladin gets to live with you. Two are better than one! – Benji and Tiger 🙂

    • Yes I’m pleased they get along pretty good most of the time now. And fortunately Tiger remains tolerant when Benji overdoes it! 🙂

  2. Sounds a great deal like my life. I do have to get in my share of barking, though. Going out and in a lot reminds everyone I am in charge of the house. Sincerely, Grace( a dog)

    • Ah yes Grace, you dogs do like to bark! We prefer more subtle forms of communication. Either way it’s good to know who’s in charge. 🙂 Benji and Tiger

  3. Your cats are adorable. We had two black cats in Canada. Now we have a dog in Spain. Always great to have pets.

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