Snow Day with Benji

The snow came in on little cat feet  blanketing everything with its calming beauty.

The little cat footprints are still there.

~ Susanne and Benji

16 Comments on “Snow Day with Benji

  1. So pretty. . .we had snow this morning here, too. It’s still only 28° now, but the sun is melting it gradually. Effie seems glad. 🐾😽

  2. So pretty 🙂 Benji seems remarkably cool about it. When we had a cat, he used to take one look out the cat flap and think better of it…
    Do you have a lot of snow? We’ve been without snow the last few days, although the mountains are still white. It seems to come… and then melt… and then come again… and then melt. Supposedly, we’re in for a very cold week next week, but the pundits are still divided over whether or when it will snow and how much there will be if it does.

    • We don’t get much .. maybe a couple inches once or twice a year.. some years none at all …though it seems to be increasing the last few years.. Benji was having fun out there today! He’s such a fun kitty!

  3. Can I be Benji’s honorary New England God grandmother? I am getting such vicarious joy following him since I can’t have my own cat.

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