Sunny and Blue at Seward Park

After a snowy weekend we enjoyed the crisp and cold but sunny weather yesterday;  a perfect time to bundle up and walk through Seattle’s Seward Park on Lake Washington.   We started out under brilliant blue skies, with this view of Mt. Rainier partially hidden by cloud cover.

We walked the path through the center of the park’s old growth forest,

enjoying the blossoms heralding spring.

On the other side we found the Seattle skyline standing tall above the lake.

Sometimes the bluest skies you’ve ever seen really are in Seattle.  And the bluest lakes too.

~ Susanne

10 Comments on “Sunny and Blue at Seward Park

    • Thanks Pete. It was striking to me as our previous visits this year were under rainy or mostly cloudy skies. Quite a difference in the color of the lake when the sky is blue. 🙂

  1. Beautiful pics! I see you have signs of spring, despite the snow? Everything still looks very dead here. Not even any green grass because it never got to grow again after the long, hot summer.

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