Office Cats

For many years I worked in an office. I had a desk. And a computer. And a window with a view.  But something was missing.

I’m home now and I still have an office. And a desk. And a computer. And a window with a view.  But now I have something more.

“I’m here to help Sue. Just say the word,” says Tiger.

“Anything he can do, I can do better,” says Benji.

They’re Tiger and Benji,  Office Cats.

~ Susanne

23 Comments on “Office Cats

  1. Nice! My cat won’t stay off the computer, although now I have started to sit with him on the soafa, get him comfortable, too comfortable to move, then I go back to the desk. I love being in the same room eith kitty.

  2. Sometimes I have to wonder whether Effie is proofreading or whether she just likes sitting on my desk blocking my view when I’m filling out a document or writing a card or something that doesn’t require my computer. But most of my work is done on my laptop or phone used as laptop. She doesn’t interfere with that for some reason.

    • Maybe because the desk provides room for both of you but the laptop doesn’t? Very accommodating of her. 🙂 Both Tiger and Benji jump up on my desk when I’m at the computer. Usually not at the same time, as Benji always wins that contest!

  3. I think it is extremely difficult to have cats and try to type on the computer or get any work done. At least, it was difficult with my cats–who always insisted on sitting on the keyboard and blocking the screen. No matter how many times I would pick them up and take them off of my desk, they would just jump back up and block the screen again. Nothing should take attention away from the cats! 🙂

    • Yes so true! But they are so delightful as they sit in front of your screen demanding your attention or decide to help you with a few key strokes with their well placed paws! Still beats having an office without them! 🙂

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